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Welcome to Dr Keyboard's website, and if you're new to the Internet - Congratulations!

By now you should have at least started to understand what's called the 'Click and browse' way of getting around - clicking on what are called 'links' to get from one place to another. These links usually look like this - they're sometimes underlined and in a different colour. And this first one doesn't work, it actually just links to itself - it's not you, so don't worry. Other links like those in the Navigation Menu on the left here are in a different typeface or style - you can click on them to move around Dr Keyboard's web site - and you'll notice that when you point at them with your mouse the pointer changes from an arrow to a hand. . These are all text links, but you can also have links from pictures or icons to other places, either different pages on the same web site, somewhere else in the document you're currently reading or somewhere else completely different elsewhere on the Internet.

Try it now: click on these words to go the bottom of the page. Don't worry, there's instructions there on what to do next.

OK, welcome back. See, browsing the Internet isn't so hard after all, is it? When you want to get somewhere else, just click on a link - look for a picture or some words which point the way out.

On the left here you'll see a number of links to help you find your way around the Dr Keyboard website. Home takes you back to the very start of the site, the first page where most people arrive. If you want to see a list of all the Questions and Answers available click on Questions and Answers first. When you're on the Questions and Answers web site, 'Search' takes you to the search page where you can type in your question and see if there's any help pages already available. Chat goes to the introductory page for the Dr Keyboard message board where you can type in questions or answers in real time.

The E-mail icon takes you to a page where you can ask Dr Keyboard questions yourself. Just type your name and e-mail address, type your question and it will be sent directly to him.





























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