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When you've unpacked the box and are wondering what to do next

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Microsoft Support
Answers to many of life's littel problems
The Daynoters
People like Jerry Pournelle and Robert Bruce Thompson, both top computer gurus, and others who keep daily online journals
One of the great places to finding free and trial software
The best place to buy your books
Guy Kewney
Life and times of Britain's top IT journalist
Robert Bruce Thompson
Who knows more about computers than us all put together
Microsoft Download
Get the latest versions of Microsoft software
Just the coolest computers on the planet
The operating system of the future. And the past.
Byte magazine
The original and best, from the USA
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock (and other) Software
PC Pro magazine
Dr Keyboard's favourite UK computer magazine
Yahoo UK
A version of the Internet search engine on this side of the Atlantic
When you positively, absolutely have to know everything

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Chateau  Keyboard's Diary
The day to day adventures of a young boy and his herd of PCs

Funniest cartoon strip in the world

The Onion
Funniest newspaper in the world

Be the first on your block to pick up ET's call

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This is the default home page I see every time I fire up my browser. It means I don't automatically go online each time it starts, and I find it easier to navigate this way rather than using the Favorites list


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